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The decision to get a divorce is not an easy one. Divorce is a source of worry, stress, emotional turmoil and financial uncertainty.

Once you decided to get a divorce, determining which way to turn or who to trust can be very difficult, and the legal complexities surrounding divorce in the state of Illinois don’t make it any easier. Finding a divorce lawyer who understands what you’re going through and is willing to fight for your rights is very important in receiving a fair settlement.

Marital Property

One of the largest problems that arises in a divorce case is the division of marital property. When there is a large disparity between spouses’ income, there inevitably arise arguments as to who is entitled to what share of the marital property. For example, who will get the house? Will one spouse be able to afford the mortgage payments on a single income, or will it be necessary to sell? In addition to the division of assets and marital property, there often arises the issue of spousal maintenance (formerly called alimony). In contested divorces, financial matters such as these often have to be settled in a court of law.

Child Support, Custody And Visitation Rights

Divorce can be further complicated if children are involved. Matters of custody, child support and visitation rights are emotionally and financially complicated. Even if such matters are decided in court, getting spouses to honor a judge’s decree can be problematic, especially if it involves financial matters such as paying child support.

Personal and emotional difficulties aside, the legal complexities of divorce make it essential that you hire an experienced divorce attorney to guide you through the legal maze, help you to make informed choices, and guide you toward a favorable outcome.

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