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Real Estate Closings: What You Need To Know

Buying or selling a home today is a complicated transaction fraught with many pitfalls and legal consequences. A real estate closing lawyer can help you avoid the stumbling blocks associated with a home purchase.

Most of today’s real estate sales contracts consist of seemingly endless pages of legal jargon that can have potentially harmful ramifications for both a buyer and a seller, even after the contract is signed. A sales contract obligates a seller to do certain things or prepare specific legal documents which, if not done correctly, can lead to unnecessary delays or unexpected costs.

How A Real Estate Closing Lawyer Can Help

The Law Office of Scott W. Brammer can help make your real estate closing a hassle-free experience in McHenry County. Whether you have listed your home with a real estate agent or you are trying to sell your home by owner, our experienced and courteous staff can help you successfully close your transaction. I will prepare the contract, order title and survey, obtain your mortgage pay-off information, and prepare all the necessary closing documents. Once the closing has been scheduled, I will attend the closing to make sure everything goes smoothly.

If you are buying a home, my job is to make the home buying experience as stress-free as possible. I will review the contract with you and keep track of important deadlines. At the closing, I will make sure all the seller’s documents are in order and review the mortgage package with you to ensure there are no unwelcome surprises or last-minute legal additions to contracts that would be detrimental to you. All too often, contract disputes, title issues, or other problems arise at closing that, without proper legal guidance, can lead to delays, a sale that fails to close, or even litigation.

Providing Legal Assistance For Home Sellers

Home sellers also face many potential pitfalls at closing. Short sales, in particular, are very complex transactions that involve numerous legal and financial risks. In a short sale, the seller may sell the home and still owe the lender a large sum of money – “walking away” from the property does not necessarily discharge your debt. If you are thinking about this type of sale, it is imperative that you consult an attorney who will research the legal and financial implications of a short sale and will work with you and your lender to come to an agreement.

A short sale could have long-term effects on your credit score and make it difficult to qualify for a home loan in the future. Other issues that may affect a home sale include outstanding liens, occupancy issues, lease issues and property condition at the time of sale may also affect a pending home sale. As your attorney, I can anticipate many of these problems in advance and settle them before or at the closing.

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If you are the buyer or seller of a home, please contact me today for a free initial consultation. The Law Office of Scott W. Brammer offers low, flat-fee rates for representing buyers and sellers, and the fees are usually paid at closing. Call my office in McHenry at 815-324-7467 or contact us online today.