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Answers To Your Real Estate Frequently Asked Questions

Real estate laws can be tremendously complex. Having the right attorney throughout the process is crucial. The Law Office of Scott W. Brammer has worked with clients throughout Illinois for over 28 years. I can translate complicated legal terms into words you can understand. My goal is to protect you and help you understand your options. I take a hands-on approach to ensure the successful closing of your transaction.

After reading through the list of frequently asked questions below, schedule a consultation by calling my office in McHenry at 815-324-7467 today.

What Is The Benefit Of Hiring A Lawyer To Help With My Real Estate Transactions?

Without an attorney, you run the risk of making serious mistakes. This can have a long-term effect and hurt you down the road. I represent clients through all stages of the process. I can review contracts, order the title insurance and prepare all closing documents, among other things.

How Can You Help Me With The Title Insurance Portion Of The Real Estate Sale?

Title insurance is meant to insure against hazards inherent in real estate titles that may not be apparent from the title search. I can help you apply for title insurance and understand what it is you are looking at.

Why Is It Important To Have A Lawyer Review All Contracts And Closing Documents?

Contracts and closing documents are legal forms that can have confusing language that many people don’t understand. Without having someone explain what you are signing, you could end up in a legally binding situation that you did not intend to. I can make sure this does not happen.

I May Need To Do A Short Sale For A Property I Own. How Can An Attorney Help Me?

First and foremost, I can effectively communicate between you and the mortgage lender. I also can negotiate on your behalf and explain this process so you are aware of the steps we are taking. While it’s possible to do so on your own, it could leave you with less than you deserve.