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Trying to settle a personal injury case in your favor can seem like a nightmare. The medical bills pile up quickly, lost wages can cause you to go into debt, and in the meantime, you are experiencing pain and suffering. Getting back on your feet can seem like a long way off. At a time like this, you need an advocate to help you get the financial compensation you need to pay your bills and get on with your life.

Car Accidents

A car accident resulting in injuries is one of the most common types of personal injury cases, but determining who is at fault can be a time-consuming and difficult process. Trying to get compensation for medical bills, lost wages, present and future pain and suffering, and loss of a normal life can also complicated, stressful and frustrating, as insurance companies employ claims adjusters and attorneys whose job it is to deny your claim. At the Law Office of Scott W. Brammer, I will be your legal advocate and handle the complexities and headaches that come with a personal injury case so that you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries.

I can also help you collect compensation in uninsured/underinsured motorist cases.

Bicycle Accidents

In 2009, there were 630 fatalities and 51,000 injuries from collisions between bicycles and motor vehicles. There have been many studies, both by the federal government and private agencies, that have tried to determine who usually is at fault in bicycle-auto collisions, but the results are mixed. However, these studies do point to the fact that cycling, particularly where traffic is heavy, is a dangerous activity.

Often, bicyclists who have been injured don’t realize the extent of their injuries until hours or even days later. If you have been the victim of a collision with a motor vehicle, you should report it to the police and get yourself checked out at a hospital. You may have an internal injury, fracture or another injury that is not immediately apparent. It is important that you have your injuries treated and documented by a doctor. Your next step should be to contact a personal injury lawyer.

Boating Accidents

Whether you’re on a powerboat, jet-ski, sailboat, skis or tow-behind inflatable, boating accidents are an unfortunate risk when you’re out on the water. Causes for boating accidents include operator inexperience, operator error, DWI (driving while intoxicated, the equivalent of DUI), weather conditions, or equipment failure. My firm can help with these and many more types of boating-related personal injuries.

Dog Bites

With dog ownership at an all-time high, dog bites are a common occurrence. In the state of Illinois, the dog owner is usually responsible for the medical bills, pain and suffering, scarring, disfigurement, nerve damage and mental anguish that can accompany a severe dog bite. But not all dog bite cases are quite this straightforward. For instance, did the victim have permission to be on the property where he/she was bitten? If not, was the victim a mailman, meter reader, or a child playing in the neighbor’s yard? These victims may likely have a valid case. I can help sort out the legalities and responsibilities of dog bite cases.

Premises Liability/Slip-And-Fall Cases

Premises liability is based on the legal principle that landlords and owners are responsible for the safety of those on their property. If you have been injured due to the dangerous or negligent condition of a property, you may be entitled to compensation. However, the standards by which premises liability cases are judged are evolving from a single standard to include the principles of contributory negligence and comparative fault. Other factors, such as who or what entity owns or controls a property, or whether the injured party was a trespasser or entered the property by express or implied consent of the owner, contributes to the complexity of such cases. Call my firm today, and I will be happy to discuss your personal injury claim.

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